The End, In-Depth Post #6

With just eight weeks left of school many projects are coming to an end, including In-Depth. This year has flown by so fast, I am struggling to process the fact that it will be May in less then 48 hours. That means we are just weeks away from Adventure Trip and, you guessed it, my final In-Depth night as a TALONS student.

In the past sixteen weeks I have learnt so much from both my mentor, Mika Backus, and dance instructor, Bev Soh. Together they have provided me with the skills and dance moves to choreograph my own routine, as well as follow along with a choreographed one. As mentioned in previous blogposts, I have used those skills to choreograph my own solo routine which I will be posting on my YouTube channel in the following weeks. Without spoiling to much, Mika and I have been working together to produce a faster, upbeat dance to the song ‘Dirty Mind ft. Sam Martin’ by Flo Rida.
Initially, I was a bit hesitant about the song choice, but Mika knew it was one of my favourites and motivated me to challenge myself with a trickier piece. At this point, to keep the suspense, I do not wish to spill to much more about the piece. But, to give you a sense of where this dance is going, I will add that I tried to incorporate many of the moves I have documented over the past couple months; including, the following five moves.

     New Moves:
1) Kick-hop Sequence
2) Swipe
3) Lean and Flex
4) Wave
5) Pop

On top of the solo routine, I will performing a trio with Anne Yolland and Alyssa Turcott on In-Depth night. This was also mentioned in some of my previous blog posts, but now that the clock is ticking, this routine has become my main focus for this project. The three of us will be meeting at 5:30pm this coming Sunday night to figure out all the details and make a rough outline of our dance. As of now, we have decided to each choreograph a certain time interval of the piece (tentatively set at 1 min. 30 secs. each), as well as change formations so each one of us has a chance to showcase what we learnt. After we finalize the rest of the details we will each to go our separate ways and practice independently before our next rehearsal to maximize our remaining time.

One topic I have not touched on as much over the course of this project is my workout routine. In my introduction post I stated that one of my goals was to set a workout/practice schedule after the lessons end (month 3 onward) to work on my time management skills. I have been struggling to find time to keep up with this; however, I have now perfected a workout routine that is both, flexible (fits within my hectic schedule) and an appropriate level of difficulty. As indicated by the word flexible, I do not do this routine at the same time everyday. This is due to theatre, TALONS events/meetings, weight training sessions, nap time, etc. Instead, I have been doing it on weekends and the two least-hectic weekdays of the week, whichever those may be. I have noticed that this has impacted my dancing significantly, and built up my stamina for longer rehearsals. To read through the workout routine more thoroughly, please click on the link above.

To conclude my final In-Depth blog post, I am very grateful to have had this experience and the opportunity to learn a new skill that I have only dreamt about learning until now. I would not go as far as to say I am a professional, but you could call me a master of the basics. Fingers crossed that I will remember these moves down the road, because who knows when they will come in handy. For now, I am excited to share the final product in a couple weeks and showcase my learning. Hopefully the suspense isn’t to much to bare.

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  1. I am looking forward to yo0ur stage performance. You have learned an enormous number of moves in a very short period of time so far.

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