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It Appears We Have Reached The End – (NoTN Reflection)

Before I start I would just like to take a moment to “breath” and appreciate the completion of Night of The Notables. Its finally over. I have to admit that it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, I actually quite enjoyed it…aside from all the stress.

Looking back from the moment I started this project I had pushed it aside and spent most of my energy studying for the next test or writing the latest essay, but as the date approached to present my project I really began to enjoy myself. I began to enjoy learning about the amazing person I had chosen, Audrey Hepburn. And when the date finally arrived, it was really neat to be able to share all my information with other people, but lets rewind to the beginning of the evening and start at 3:10, the beginning of the end.

As the school day wrapped up all the TALONS were sent down to the MPR to set up for the NoTN. Being on the tech committee, I headed upstairs to get the sound and lighting hooked up. We had quite a few struggles with the soundboard, but after a couple hours of re-attaching all the correct cords into the correct inputs we ended up plugging the laptop directly into the wall to connect straight to the speakers. In the end, I found out the next day that it wasn’t the soundboard, it was that we forgot to hook up the laptop correctly…whoops. Anyway, after that we had time to set up our learning centres, which ended up taking me way longer than I have anticipated. Nevertheless, I think my learning centre came out looking great and I was very proud to show it to everyone.


The time had finally come for the grade 10 speeches. I was honestly quite shocked at how exceptional they were and its definitely nerve-racking to think that I am going to have to live up to such astonishing speeches. A part of me thinks I should start now to be ready in time.

When the speeches cameo a close it was time to head up to the learning centres, which also meant it was my turn. As I mentioned before, from the lights to the carpet I was quite pleased with the way my learning centre turned out.


A decent stream of people came to my station asking different questions. The most common were: “Why did you choose Audrey Hepburn?” Or, “What was you favourite movie that she starred in?” And the most common statement, “Tell me about Audrey Hepburn.” At first I was a bit nervous about answering peoples questions, but I soon realized that with all the research that I had done to put together this project and write my speech I was able to answer everyones questions. I can’t think of a question that a anyone asked me that I wasn’t able to answer, and that to me was one of my biggest accomplishments of the night.

Overall, even with the minor hick-ups, I think the night was very successful and quite memorable. I think everyone produced amazing projects, including myself, as well as superb speeches (grade 10’s) and I am really proud to have been a part of this event. I never thought I would say this, but I am excited to do this again next year.